• Top NZ Casino Bonuses

    Online casinos amazed merely with a variety of bonuses and lucrative offers. Before you start the game, we recommend that you figure out with all the nuances and features of bonus programs. As you already understood, to receive a bonus, the player must perform specific actions, for example, register, make a deposit, invite a friend or fulfill other conditions of an online gambling house. Banners and pop-ups that encourage a player to use the bonus do not provide him with full and correct information regarding the terms of this promotion. The most critical points of the rules of the game for bonus money can be found only in a special section on the site of the online casino. Please note that there is no excess information there. Therefore, read all the items very carefully, so that in the future you can quickly withdraw money from your account and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Often, players are in a hurry to take advantage of bonus money and are very disappointed when they find out that they played against the rules of the casino and did not have the right to withdraw the long-awaited winnings from the account. In our catalog of bonus programs, you can choose a casino, offering the most generous rewards for players. The list of bonuses is continually expanding and supplemented with new offers. Each bonus offer receives an appropriate rating from visitors of our portal, who had the opportunity to play in a bonus game club. Let's start by briefly review the main types of bonuses.

    Types of Casino Bonuses

    Casino bonuses are recruiting promotions that are given to users as a result of any action as an incentive to start a game. Bonuses of online casinos are paid only if the player has registered his gambling account. Thus, the casino bonus is given out at the time of registration invariably pushes the player to bet on the money. A given casino bonus is the initial capital for a new player. Any gifts of online casinos are divided into several types.

    Each online casino in its way encourages regular and active users. Regular players receive regular bonuses (monthly, quarterly, weekly), individual bonus rewards on their birthday, for affiliating a friend, participating in tournaments and promotions organized by this online casino. For a certain number of bets, all players are awarded additional bonus points - comp points, which can later be exchanged for money. But the biggest and most profitable bonuses with soft requirements for wagers are given to players with VIP status. All online casinos cherish their VIP-clients and do their best to encourage them.

    Bonuses are money for free games that online casinos provide to registered users as an incentive. All gifts, the conditions for their receipt and acting out are combined into a single system - the bonus policy of online casinos. The primary goal of the bonus policy is to attract new users to the site and to maintain interest in the game for the regular clientele.

    To begin with, we will clarify that bonuses are not charity. The player cannot withdraw "free" money from the account until the bonus is entirely replayed according to the conditions of the wager. A wager is a number that determines the amount of the total number of bets, after which the bonus will be considered won. To understand the meaning of this definition is much simpler by the example: the player received a $100 bonus with a wagering x10. To determine the value of the total amount of bets, he needs to multiply the bonus amount by a wager (100 x 10 = 1000).

    That means that under the terms of this online casino, the player must make a certain number of bets for a total of $1000. The total amount of bets means the total amount of money that the player staged throughout the game, while it does not matter how many stakes he won or lost. Next, we list the main types of bonuses that are most often used in online casinos, describe their advantages and disadvantages.

    Welcome Bonus

    Bonus for registration. The bonus is entirely similar to the free spins for registration and also often used by the casino to attract new players. After registering and verifying, you can immediately play slots without making a deposit. To withdraw bonus funds, as in the case of winning free spins, you need to wager them, creating a certain turnover of bets. Use these bonuses, because in this situation you do not risk your money.

    This type of bonus is available in almost every casino. All gambling halls appreciate players who contribute generously to deposits and add bonus money to the principal amount. The percentage of the bonus from the deposit may be different and sometimes reaches up to 500%, but the ratio of the wager is substantially increased.

    No Deposit Bonus

    This type of bonus is called the "No Deposit Bonuses." No deposit bonus is a type of reward, for which you do not need to contribute money to your account. This bonus is usually granted to new casino players as a promotion for registration. No deposit bonus is an excellent opportunity to try yourself in the game for real money while not spending your funds.

    It is difficult to find an online casino, which currently does not give its players the opportunity to test their games for free, but for real gaming chips. A speech is about no-deposit online casinos. Therefore, if you are in search of the best and most attractive bonuses, then you just came to the address – all no deposit casino bonuses NZ for you here in this section. It is dedicated to the free bonuses so-loved by many players, which are an excellent opportunity to try the casino without risk with your cash. These bonuses are free of any financial obligations and casino offers that you can use to play entirely different games. With a no deposit casino bonus, you can test the slot machines without spending your funds.

    Online Pokies with Free Spins

    To attract new players, casinos often use such a no-deposit offer as free spins. After registration and verification, the casino will provide you with a certain number of free spins. All winning after free spins is usually subject to wagering, but there are also offers where all the winnings are immediately available for withdrawal. Always get acquainted with similar offers and safely register in the casino.

    In this bonus, you are given free spins of the slot machine reels that you can use to play a particular game or number games. As a rule, such a bonus is provided for the newest versions of slot machines or the most popular machines in a specific casino. To activate free spins, the player needs to log into their casino account and start the game.

    High Roller Bonus

    Naturally, casinos cannot bypass the high rollers - players at large stakes. As a rule, there is a separate deposit bonuses program for them that is not available to other casino visitors. Their difference is usually the significantly increased upper limit of the bonus. That is, if ordinary players receive, for example, a 100% bonus on the deposit, which cannot exceed two hundred dollars, then the maximum limit for high rollers will be much higher.

    Some casinos refuse special conditions for providing bonuses on the deposit for high rollers, but they give them a variety of privileges.

    Cashback bonus for High Roller is an essential part of the money they spent on playing in the casino, which returns after losing all the money from the balance. Sometimes cashback is issued with a positive balance - just in the form of compensation for s used amount of money - the conditions depend on the honesty and financial capabilities of each casino. With such a bonus, you can quickly return some of the funds to the game balance and play your favorite gaming machines again, without depositing the account.


    Note! Before you use any bonuses in any online casino, you must make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of granting and using the bonus. You do not need to choose a casino for the game based on the size of the gifts provided. We provide for our readers with all-new bonus programs and latest updates from casinos. Remember that most bonuses have a substantial wager and it can be difficult to win back them, and sometimes even unreal. If you are looking for a casino for permanent games, it is better to be guided, not by bonuses, but by our casino rating. It includes an honest assessment of all the features of the game club that allows you to choose a casino for a comfortable game. Remember that you can use bonuses even playing with the mobile gadget.