• Top Online NZ Slots: Best of Free Online Pokies

    We are glad to welcome you on this webpage! If you were looking for the best slot machines to play online in New Zealand, you have come to the right place. We will offer you a list of the most interesting games from various software providers. Moreover, this article tells about the most exciting pokies for mobile devices. You will find tips and tricks to help you win at online pokies from our experts.

    Before we dive into details, let us explain to you what pokies are. If you are not from Australia or New Zealand, you might have never heard about this term. Well, the explanation is easy: this word is used in these countries to describe slot machines. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the most popular games in Australian casinos were poker machines. Local gamblers called them “pokies”, and later this term got stuck to other casino games. Now, if you are ready to explore the world of the best free online pokies available in New Zealand, let us begin. First of all, we will tell about the types of online pokies and their differences.

    Types of Online Pokies: What Kind of Games Can You Find Online?

    The industry of online gambling is in full bloom nowadays. There are dozens of software developers and hundreds of websites that offer myriads of free slot machines for any taste. The most exciting thing about this whole thing is that you can access nearly any game right from your personal computer or smartphone regardless of your location. Why waste time traveling to real gambling establishments, when you can play all kinds of free slots in your own house? We are not joking around: you can literally find any type of casino game online. Here are some of the most popular types of pokies available on the internet:

    Slots (Pokies) 

    Standard slot machines is the most popular pokies online. They are easy to play and there are so many different themes that you can always find a game for your own taste. Online slots are very similar to the ones you can try in a real casino. All you need to do in order to play is place your bet and pull a virtual lever to spin the reels.

    The simplest type of slot pokies are three-reel slots. They look like the pokies you would have found everywhere in a casino or club a couple of decades ago. These are traditional games with very easy rules without many bonus games and other additional features. Since there are fewer places for symbols on the reels, there are also fewer winning combinations and paylines, and the maximum jackpots tend to be smaller in comparison to 5-reel and 7-reel slots.

    The most popular type of slot pokies is 5-reel slots. They make up the vast majority of slot machines in modern online casinos. Such games offer different bonuses (such as scatter and wild symbols) and a much greater variety of symbols. Moreover, there are many five-reel slots with progressive jackpots, which allow you to win millions of dollars.

    Finally, there are also 7-reel free pokies, but they are not as popular as their three-reel and five-reel counterparts are. The seven-reel format allows all sorts of wild options. Pokies with so many reels offer amazing winnings for lucky gamblers who manage to match seven symbols in a row. Nevertheless, the difficulty in keeping track of all the symbols in the game and the fact that five reels are usually enough to make a game fun has kept seven-reel pokies as a very small and unpopular segment of online slot pokies.

    We recommend you to check these popular slot pokies: 

    • Astro Babes; 
    • Mirror Mirror; 
    • Dragon Kings; ·
    • Ogre Empire;
    • Gonzo’s Quest;
    • Starburs.


    The aim of this type of pokies is to allow gamblers to play pokers versus a virtual dealer. In the most games, the rules are standard: players have to place a stake and the machine will deal them five cards. You will be able to choose cards you like the most and press the button in order to hold them. The computer ditches the cards you did not keep and gives you new ones – and that is your final hand.

    Video pokies become popular because they offer an interactive gameplay for both novice and expert gamblers. There are many themed poker games that feature popular fictional characters from movies, television, games and comics, as well as celebrities and sportsmen. They also tend to include multiple bonus features, including some that allow gamblers to interact with the screen in order to reveal prizes.

    Here are some of the best poker pokies available for free: 

    • Deuces & Jokers; ·
    • Bonus Poker; 
    • Joker Poker; 
    • Deuces Wild; ·
    • Bonus Deuces.


    Blackjack is one of the most widely known card game. No wonder why it is so popular among online gamblers. Most blackjack pokies offer the traditional rules of this game: the player has to draw cards whose face value adds up (or as close to as it is possible) to 21. All royal cards are worth 10, and the Ace is worth either 11 or 1 (you can choose its value yourself depending on your hand).

    You may call for more cards after you receive the first two until you go bust or choose to stick with the cards you have in hand. Afterwards, the virtual croupier will draw cards until it hit 17 or go bust. You will win if you have a better hand.

    You can try these blackjack pokies for free: 

    • American Blackjack;
    • Vegas Strip;
    • Pontoon Blackjack;
    • European Blackjack;
    • Super 7 Blackjack.


    Yet another popular casino game, which is based on pure chance. Roulette have a wheel with numbered slots on its inside ring. Half of them are red and the other half is black. Players have to place their stakes on the number they think will come up or the color. You can also place other outside bets, such as odd/even, high/low (1-18/19-36), dozens and columns (each column contains twelve numbers).

    As soon as you place the stake, the virtual croupier will spin the wheel. The wall will drop into one of the number slots. If you have guessed it right and made a bet, you will win a huge prize.

    Here are good roulette pokies that you might like:

    • Roulette Advanced from NetEnt;
    • Roulette Touch from NetEnt;
    • Zoom Roulette from Betsoft;
    • European Roulette from Betsoft


    In craps, your goal is to hit a 7 or an 11 with a pair of dice. If you roll a 2, 3 or 12 you will lose the round. Rolling anything takes the game to a second round. Software providers offer many other rules for craps pokies, so we recommend you read the help section before starting to play.

    Here are good craps: 

    • Betsoft Craps Online; 
    • Vegas Craps from Microgaming;
    • Playtech Craps.


    Baccarat are yet another type of online card games. You need to draw cards, which values are as close to nine as it is possible. Player has to draw two cards and add their value. If the value 10 or even higher, the first digit is disregarded, and then gambler will play against the virtual croupier. Baccarat pokies are somewhat similar to craps. The winner is not determined by hand. Instead, players place stakes on who they think will win a round: player or the dealer. If you guessed right, you win and get paid out at odds, even if you have a worse hand.

    • Try these baccarat online:
    • Playtech Prestige Baccarat; 
    • Baccarat Pro from NetEnt;
    • Microgaming High Limit Baccarat.

    3D Pokies

    The final type in our list is 3D slots. These are the most advanced online games in the gambling industry. The best software developers such as Betsoft, Microgaming and NetEnt use amazing 3D graphics to create pokies with interesting storylines and unique characters. Some games are as interesting as a good movie! Moreover, 3D pokies offer cool bonus features to make the game even more exciting.

    We really liked these free pokies with 3D graphics:

    • Charms & Clovers;
    • Black Gold;
    • Weekend in Vegas;
    • House of Fun;
    • The Forsaken Kingdom.

    Mobile Pokies: Play Casino Games Anywhere You Want

    Nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Portable devices allow you to do most of the things you can do on the personal computer, and online gambling is not an exception. The vast majority of online casinos in New Zealand are available from mobile phones and tablets. You do not even need to install any additional applications since most of the free pokies can be played right from the mobile browser. No download required at all! It does not matter what platform you are using: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or even Blackberry. You can play free slot online from any portable device with internet access!

    To play pokies on your smartphone or tablet, simply open any New Zealand casino in the web-browser. Afterwards, log in to your account and choose the game. Some of the older pokies may not be available, but you will be able to play all the new ones without any restrictions. If you do not know where to start from, try games that we have recommended above!

    How To Play Free Pokies Games

    You can play free slot machines without even registering at online casinos. Most of New Zealand casino websites offer demo versions of free pokies. Simply choose the game from the list and click the “Practice Mode/Demo Version” button in order to try it. You will not need to install additional software besides the Adobe Flash Player plugin for your web-browser. Do not worry — even If you are a novice player, there is not anything difficult. Click the “Install Flash Player” button and simply follow the on-screen instructions. Restart the browser after the installation and enjoy any pokies you want!

    By the way, you can also find many free slots on other websites devoted to online gambling. The choice is really huge and it is up to you to decide what games should you play. Since you are not playing for real money, you can use any website on the internet without worrying about New Zealand laws.

    How To Win At Online Pokies

    Of course, there is not an ultimate strategy that allows you to constantly win at online pokies. Online casinos would not exist if there were a way to always beat them! However, you can use some simple tips and tricks to increase your winning rate. First of all, you have to stay calm. Do not lose your mind while gambling: it will not lead to anything good.

    Another important rule is to quit at the right time. Never make bets that you cannot afford! If you have lost all the money you were planning on gambling with, stop playing instead of trying to return them. On the contrary, leave the casino after the big win — do not push your luck for too long.

    Finally, learn about betting strategies. The most popular one is called the Martingale System. Its concept is fairly simple: increase your stake after every loss, so when you eventually win, you get your lost money back and start betting with the initial amount again. It is simple and easy to get so even a novice gambler can handle it. There are more systems of controlled betting and we recommend you to check on them if you want to become a professional gambler.

    Final Words

    Gambling laws in New Zealand are not very strict, so finding good free pokies online is rather simple. Most of the online casinos offer demo versions of the best slots so you can try them without spending a single penny. Therefore, if you wanted to play casino games online, stop wasting your time: pick a website you like and enjoy any pokies you want!